The demand for modern convenience solutions is met by SEALPAC with its innovative DaybyDay portion-packs. The DaybyDay concept offers separately packed single portions, which hang together like a chain. Each securely sealed cavity can be removed from the other with minimum force by means of a perfectly cut perforation, to allow for daily consumption of products. As an option, SEALPAC’s revolutionary EasyPeelPoint system guarantees an effortless opening of each single portion-pack.

The practical DaybyDay solution can be used for various portion sizes, hence allowing it to be applied in numerous market segments – be it wet or dry products. One can think of sliced meat and cheese products, snacks, but also pet food or pharmaceutical products. DaybyDay portion-packs can be presented at retail both hanging or folded together in a carton sleeve.


  • Fresh consumption – from the first to the very last portion
  • Ideal for bulk products such as cereals, snacks or pet food
  • Highest product awareness at retail
  • Superior forming quality with Rapid Air Forming


DaybyDay, portion packaging