The FlatSkin® system uses a cardboard carrier made from bleached or unbleached fibre, which can be printed on both sides by means of low-migration printing inks and varnishes. The carrier is coated with a polymeric protective layer. A highly transparent barrier skin film fixates the product directly onto its flat support, which allows for excellent vertical presentation. A peel tab simplifies the opening of the skin pack. After taking out the product, the thin polymeric layer is easily removed from the cardboard to allow for separate disposal. That is why FlatSkin® convinces in terms of sustainability.

FlatSkin® is suitable for a wide range of product segments. Whether sausages, cheese, fresh meat, poultry, seafood or vegetarian foods - this revolutionary vacuum packaging will turn each of those products into a highlight at retail.


  • Ecological: up to 75% less plastic
  • Securely fixated with tight-fitting skin film
  • Deep vacuum, clearly longer shelf life
  • Fully separable in plastic and cardboard
  • Optimal branding owing to the two-sided printing of the product carrier
  • Eye-catching presentation at retail


FlatSkin packaging